This treatment is very gentle so it is suitable for patients who have sensitive or easily irritated skin. It helps strengthen the skin by delivering deep nutrients and vitamin. You can experience a healthier, smoother and brighter skin.

    • Increase moisture and strengthen the skin


    • Deliver nutrients deeply into the skin


    • Reduce skin irritation


    • Smoothen and brighten skin’s tone


uses high electric voltage for a short period of time to deliver drugs nutrients. This mechanism will create Aqueous pathway which will affect the cell membrane. Cell membrane is made of phospholipid. Each particle sticks together very tightly because of its chemical. With Aqueous pathway, the cells will open up for a while, allowing the nutrients to go inside them.


is a treatment that uses coolness to close cell membrane to lock nutrients within the cells. The treated skin will be tighter as it induces neocollagenesis. Cryo Therapy also helps soothing the skin after the whole package of treatment.

Red Seaweed Q10 Mask

has a special mask formula that stimulates the skin to naturally create skin care agent and restores the upper skin layer which protects lower layers. Also, this mask is full of anti-oxidants. Oxidants are formed when oxygen inside the cells are not uniformly used. Anti-oxidants will stabilize the oxygenation and the skin will be effectively restored.