This treatment gets rid of birth marks, freckles, age spots, scars, and tattoos by destroying melanin cells into particles until they fade away. There are two types of laser that are employed in this treatment, with the wavelength 1064 mm and 532 mm respectively. The former uses to get rid of black and blue tattoos, black birth marks, and stubborn sun freckles. The latter uses to remove redness, red birth marks, faint sun freckles by releasing frequency wavelengths to the pigmented lesions. The heat will destroy the melanin or tattoos. After that the white blood cells in the body will absorb the melanin and fade them away. Typically, the number of treatments depends on the depth of the pigmentation and the amount of skin pigmentations in the skin or the maintenance of your skin after the treatment.

The following skin problems can be treated

  • Sun freckles and freckles on cheekbones
  • Tattoos
  • Darkened lips
  • Red and black birthmarks