Why is Liver Detox Important?

The liver is one of the most used organs of the human body. It does many functions which are vital to life. The liver plays a vital role in breaking down the nutrients in the digestion process and helps in building up tissues in the body or assimilation. It is also the storage place for many important minerals and vitamins such as copper, iron vitamins D, E, A and K, B12. The liver also produces the red blood cells that are the carriers of oxygen in the human body.

It is therefore very important to keep the liver clean and healthy so that it is able to carry out its functions or else the regular functioning of the body could be hampered and lead to complications.

Today people are exposed to toxic substances on a daily basis. Not only are we surrounded by pollution but we are exposed to chemicals in the food that we eat. No one is immune to the daily pollutants that are in our environment and one of the best ways to remain healthy is to detoxify the body.

By cleansing the liver you can rid the body of unwanted toxins. The function of the liver is to form and store the bodies red blood cells plus filter toxins. A clean liver is imperative for the body to heal itself.