Revealing your desired S-Shaped Body

Polagen is specially designed to fulfill the need to create firm skin, muscles and helps replenish skin’s lost volume. The treatment, using both Unipolar and Bipolar Radio Frequency, takes advantage of the combination of smaller tips to resolve the problem in a specific area. Unipolar Radio Frequency, sending out higher energy than other Radio Frequency in general, provides deep dermal heating to the right spot. It helps break down fat cells into smaller particles and carries them through lymphatic system where they will be naturally drained out of the body. Apart from this, Unipolar RF also improves blood circulation and circulatory system, making the body’s excretory system work better in draining wastes and toxins accumulating in lymphatic system. Bipolar RF alleviates cellulite symptom, smoothens and tightens skin, and eliminates orange peel syndrome. The technique in reshaping the body and reveal its curve is delivered through the combination of Vacuum, Radio Frequency and Cooling along with the application of Phosphatidylcholine (PPC) 1 NANO meter, an external cream which absorbs into skin, directly breaks down fat cells and naturally drains from the body.