Fine Thread

3D Original Ultra V Lift is a non-surgical treatment that answers the need to fix loose, sagging skin and undefined jawline. He used an absorbable PDO thread (Polidioxanone thread) to reposition jawline to a V shape and simultaneously lift and adjust desirable areas such as cheek, chin, nose, eyebrow, and outer corner of the eye to their perfect position.

Thread type

Name 3D UVL absorbable thread type PDO (Polydioxanone) a Twin-Fold thicker and longer than normal thread. Received the CE standard in Europe, Korea and Thai


3D Original Ultra V Lift involves the insertion of a fine absorbable thread into underlying subcutaneous tissues where its microfine barbs anchor and stimulate collagen production in epidermis, gathering sagging skin and restoring its elasticity. You can see an immediate visible result after the process and experience a clearly defined face within 2 – 6 weeks. The thread is dissolves over time, ensuring a high safety and minimal side effect.


Experience a defined V-Shape face with smoother contours and less wrinkles or even fine lines under eyes. 3D Original Ultra V Lift helps create a new dimension of your appearance, promote collagen production and brighten the skin with non-surgery procedure. The treatment requires no significant downtime and patients can get back to daily routine after the process.

Why is Dermaster 3D Original Ultra V Lift (Thread lifting) better than others?

At Dermaster, we perform a unique and sophisticated “parallel vector” technique which requires a lengthy experience from our dermatologist team. With this approach, the threads are carefully inserted into different skin layers and are sophisticatedly led into tissue via parallel-vector-like tunnel under the distance Control Technique. The result lasts longer than normal technique and gives you a naturally defined jawline with smooth and firm skin.