Ultimate Hair Thinning & Hair Loss Treatment With Stem Cell & Laser LED Therapy by Certified Trichologists

Deep Detox

using Ozone Steamer to deeply cleanse and detox scalp at its hair roots by scaling dead cells from Epidermis and Dermis, while filtering out chemical residuals from skin pores. This is primary yet critical stage in assisting air circulation and improving hair condition.

Deep Cleansing

combining 3 additional steps of Aroma Therapy for more relaxing hair condition, followed by Anion Shampoo Bubbling, extra sensitive to hair scalp while reducing hair frictions to bring perfect balance of Keratin among the hair cells. Lastly, by using advanced Scalp Galvanic Ion Deep Cleansing, scalp muscle tension is released and thus, help enhance blood flow within the muscles and hair roots.


to stimulate growth of new hairs most effectively at cellular level using Digital Gun to inject necessary minerals, growth factors, and Stem Cell into the scalp. New cells will replenish old dying cells for healthier hair roots and re-growth. Painless and effective. This technique was pioneered by our co-founder Dr. Kwon Han Jin, president of International Aesthetic Medical Association and Stem Cell & Beauty expert from Korea.

Laser LED Therapy

to help sanitize hair scalp by killing germs, bacteria, and mildew. This helps improve effectiveness of Stem Cell Mesotherapy. (U.S FDA approved)

Cold Wrap Deep Scalp Soothing

reducing trauma and redness from Mesotherapy

Deep Nutrient Conditioning

to nourish and improve volume of hair while keeping scalp condition healthy


to protect growth of bacteria and mildew and strengthen hair roots. This also partly help slow down growth of grey hairs.

Why must Hair Reform treatment be done by Trichologist only ?

Dermaster’s Hair Center only provides professional hair cares through experienced and internationally qualified Trichologists from International Science Trichologist Federation of Korea in order to certify effectiveness of treatment along with discreet and private experience in an international standard facility.

What is Trichologist ?

Trichology is a para-medical field, which is the study of hair and scalp disorders that involves the anatomy and physiology of hair. It is not widely known to many, but it is by no means a new field of science. This area of study began in London, England in 1902. Trichology is taken from the Greek word “tricho” meaning “hair” and is the branch of medicine that has to do with the anatomy, growth and diseases of the hair. Trichology is an area of health care that embraces both naturopathic & western medicine, endocrinology and dermatology.

It also involves an in-depth study of the functionality of chemistry, physics, and the health of hair.

There are specialists for all areas of the human body. Neurologists deal with the brain and the central nervous system, podiatrists deal with problems associated with the feet, and Dermatologists’ specialize in the branch of medicine that deals with the skin and diseases affecting the skin. There are many other specialists that deal with other organs, but a Trichologist is a specialist for hair and scalp disorders. A qualified Trichologist can identify and treat all forms of hair loss, hair shaft breakage, scalp disorders, and the scalp environment. Hair is one of the body’s most metabolically-active tissues, often reflecting the first signs of internal disturbance. The hair and scalp are just as important as other areas of the body in the overall assessment of your health. All too often you may go for a medical checkup that doesn’t include hair and scalp examinations. By including this area in the overall examination, a number of medical conditions that initially include doctors may be detected and treated much sooner. This science is very important and rapidly growing with an esteemed place in the health care and beauty industries.

What does A Trichologist Do?

A trichologist helps people who have problems with their hair or scalp. They often see the first signs of imbalances that relate to the hair and scalp in both adults and children. A trichologist will consult with each client to examine the scalp and hair to determine the disorder and underlying cause. A Trichologist will examine the hair and/or scalp under a specialized microscope and determine which problems they can treat and which ones may need to be referred to other medical specialists. Some of the disorders that they may see during daily practice include dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, dermatitis, dry, oily or itchy scalp, hair breakage, hair thinning, hair loss, excessive hair loss over the entire scalp, baldness patches, female and male pattern baldness, alopecia or scaling alopecia.

A trichologist is trained to look for different forms of alopecia (there are more than 75) and trained to produce a microscopic analysis of the hair shaft. Trichologist evaluate damaged hair follicles of the scalp and confirm the severity of the damaged follicle and alopecia. A trichologist may also conduct an analysis of the hair shaft, (there are 36 types of disorders) give nutritional counseling and work jointly with other medical professionals to assist in a person’s overall health. A trichologist may also suggest a mineral analysis and depending on the evaluation, the trichologist may provide therapeutic scalp treatments.

Often a person may experience three or more disorders simultaneously. In evaluation of alopecia and scalp disorders, both internal and external factors must be considered. Maintaining good health is holistic and a lot of scalp disorder symptoms may begin in other places in the body. A trichologist will recognize certain systemic conditions that need to be treated by other health care practitioners such as endocrinologists, dermatologists, neurologists and other medical specialists. A trichologist will direct the client accordingly. There are stylists that promote healthy hair, but a trained trichologist is a specialist in hair breaking, thinning, hair loss, itching and scalp disorders.
If you are having problems with your scalp or hair and haven’t found a solution, you need to see certified Trichologists in your area or contact Dermaster’s Hair Center for ultimate hair restoration treatment and personalized services.