A new way of lifting the nose to your most attractive self

HIKO : “Hiko” comes from the word “Hi” in Korean meaning “high” and “Ko” meaning ”nose”. Therefore, the term “Hiko” literally means “to lift the nose”. In Thailand, two third of the women who underwent a nose surgery have to go back for another operation for reshaping. They have to experience pain, swelling and bruising on their nose tip, and worst, a possible risk of being blind. HIKO Nose Lifting is one of the non-invasive solutions that can enhance your appearance to the perfect face dimensions. With Hiko Nose Lifting, thin absorbable threads are used to gently lift the nose to the desired level. Patients can see their nose being reshaped, before approving the result with silicone insertion. Hiko Nose lifting lets you design the shape and profile of the nose that is most suitable for you and enable you to become your most attractive self.

With Hiko Nose Lifting, the suture anchors themselves to periosteum or fibrous membrane to gather the underlying tissues and secure them in the desired position. After the thread dissolves, not only the holding effect remains, but the natural collagen production is also stimulated. Hiko Nose Lifting takes only about 30 minutes and can be performed under local anesthesia on specific spot. It’s a non-invasive option that could add natural dimension to your face and shift your nose to its perfection. The wound contracture doesn’t offer enough resistance to force the brows to bend together in an unnatural way. Patient can be back to work after the treatment since there is no bruising and downtown to the surgery.