When skin structure changes from aging, the production of collagen decreases. Your skin starts to dry out, loses its suppleness and becomes inevitably sagging. Dermaster has approached into dealing with these issues by implementing a cutting-edge technology which develops heat into the skin through Radio Frequency. The heat helps stimulate the lymphatic gland and the circulatory system, restructuring the subcutaneous tissue within 4 simple steps:

Enzyme Peeling

With natural ingredients, this exfoliator helps loosen clogged dirts on skin layer and effectively reduce dark spot, melasma on facial skin. In addition it helps stimulating self-repairing system, resulting in the development of stronger cells for a natural fulsome effect.

Radio Frequency

is the method by which heat is introduced into dermis through radio frequency. The treatment help restructure the underlying subcutaneous tissues. A rise in the temperature of the heat also activates Fibroblast , the pivotal for collagen production, and therefore stimulates the body to develop more collagen (collagen remodeling) Radio Frequency make your circulatory system work more effectively, allowing a better flow of nutrients to your skin. With boosting collagens which help lock up water and restore skin’s elasticity, you can experience a smoother and firmer skin.


Multipurpose Marine Mask

a treatment that use a cooling system to shut off the membranes and trap the constructive nutrients inside to stimulate the development of collagen for stringency of skin.

Multipurpose Marine Mask

an antioxidant-rich mask packed with necessary nutrients which restore skin’s balance and supply a dull and under-treated skin to a more lively, firm and radiant face.

  • Stimulate the production of Hyaluronic Acid; improve its ability to effectively lock up moisture under the skin
  • Lift up sagging skin caused by the contraction of collagen fibers; boost collagen production
  • Smoothen and remodel facial skin
  • Revitalize skin to a youthful and lively radiance