The Latest Face Lift Technique Doing What Kim Kardashian Did

Reality Show tar, Kim Kardashian, got a Vampire facelift on a recent episode of her show ‘Kourtney and Kim Take Miami’.Anna Friel, is another one of the many celebrities who swears by the Vampire Facelift. And oh my, can we deny, she is one beautiful woman whose youthful face belies her years. A free voucher was also gifted to all Oscar attendees in their goody bags this year. The term ‘Vampire Facelift’ is hot in Hollywood at the moment. What is the hype about? Do we have it here in Thailand? Yes, it is called “Self Re-Boost Lift”

What’s with the name, Self Re-Boost Lift?

The source of the Self Re-Boost Lift, is probably because this non surgical procedure involves extracting the patient’s own blood to achieve skin rejuvenation and renewal. What happens is, your self re-boost lift professional puts the extracted blood into a machine which spins it around at high speed for six minutes until the red and white blood cells have separated. This process produces a plasma rich platelets (PRP), or very small cells, which stimulates the growth of more cells. This combination is then injected into the area of treatment. PRP, drawn from your own blood, contains growth factors, and when concentrated, stimulates the collagen in your skin, revitalizing your skin’s texture, laxity, volume and tone.

Which areas can benefit from it?

A Self Re-Boost Lift therapy can be used to treat almost any area of your body including your face, neck, chest and hands. Most patients need one Self Re-Boost Facelift treatment to achieve optimal wrinkle smoothing and improved skin volume. It is particularly effective for concerns such as facial creases, wrinkles, sun damage lines, acne scars and other superficial scars. Since each one’s needs is unique when it comes to signs of aging, a customized treatment plan can be done to meet your cosmetic goals and achieve the best results. For instance, if your concern is wrinkles we can focus on those areas. Just one treatment with Self Re-Boost Facelift can smooth away your wrinkles for up to 1 year. Patients will see optimum results few weeks after the procedure, as the collagen takes some time to grow and generate more and more healthy cells underneath the skin.

How to expect pre and post treatment?

We first examine your skin to determine if the self re-boost facelift is right for you. There may be some medications and supplements you need to avoid prior to your treatment in order to reduce bruising or bleeding. The treatment process takes approximately an hour and a half. Following treatment, you may experience temporary redness, discomfort, swelling, bruising and lumps in the areas injected. These are mild and normally only last for couple hours to days depend on the skin . During the recovery period we recommend you avoid sun exposure, exercise and alcoholic beverages.

How long has it been around in Thailand and how much does it cost?

We’re very lucky to get a chance to offer such a popular Hollywood treatment to our people. It’s only been a couple months since this technology is available in Thailand, so you can be amongst the first few to benefit from it. The entire procedure costs about Baht 30,000.- 40,000 baht depend on the severity of the problems with the improved skin quality lasting for as long as 15 months offering improved skin quality.

Is it safe?

Its safety is one of its major highlights. Since Self Re-Boost Facelift only involves needle injections to the desired areas with your own serum which has a very little chance of allergy. It requires almost negligible healing time as well as reduces possible side effects to minimum. As mentioned earlier, you’ll probably just see redness and maybe slight bruises for a couple days at the most.