Sensual Lift – Facial lift with Tri Pola Radio Frequency

Lift your face and reduce age signs to a naturally smooth and radiant skin. With two combinations of technologies called Uni-Polar and Bi-Polar, Tri-Polar gives a higher rate of visible improvement. The technology is designed to stimulate two cellular layers under the skin, Dermis and Subcutaneous. Radio Frequency sends radio-frequented electric currents to signal the cells to create and reconstruct the collagen under the surface of the skin. The results are a stronger and more flexible skin with better elasticity, reduced wrinkles and crow’s feet even a mild or severe ones. You can experience a natural younger fresher look.

  • Smooth skin’s complexion, and firm tissues.
  • Remodel the collagen in dermis
  • Reveal a new and healthier skin
  • Immediate results after first treatment