Revital Bright, To a new era of glowing skin full with aura

  • To treat dark spots, dim skin, freckles and melasma
  • To deliver nutrients into the skin to brighten it
  • To prevent freckles and melasma formation

We change the concept of drug injection system, or what it is called in medical field as Mesotherapy, to a new dimension. Mesotherapy is known to be painful and some patients may find it unpleasant. With Revital Bright, a signature needle-free 5-step treatment, natural extracted serum can be pushed into the skin cell with the latest technology called Mesoscience or Non-needle mesotherapy.

There are 4 main steps.

1. Activating

uses electrical current that is safe for the body to remodel skin cell. The upper skin layer cells are opened and prepared for drug delivery. It also helps stimulate blood flow to prepare the skin to receive nutrients.

2. Hydroelectrophorasis

delivers drugs into the skin by induced electrical energy. The concept is the same as Ionto treatment that transfers nutrients from the upper skin level to lower level.

3. Electroporation

uses high electric voltage for a short period of time to deliver drugs. This mechanism will create Aqueous pathway which will affect the cell membrane. Cell membrane is made of phospholipid. Each particle sticks together very tightly because of its chemical. With Aqueous pathway, the cells will open up for a while, allowing the nutrients to go inside them.

4. Aqueous pathway