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Dermaster’s Hair Reform, a hair thinning and hair loss treatment using stem cell and laser light LED therapy, is a treatment created by certified trichologists to deeply cleanse and detox the hair and scalp, enhance the blood flow throughout the scalp (healthy blood flow = more nutrients delivered to your follicles and more luscious hair) and a new technique to deliver minerals directly to the scalp. Basically, it’s a hug, a massage, a bath and multivitamin for your hair.

The treatment kicks off with a gentle combing through of your hair, during which you have time to think about all the mean things you did to your locks. Sorry locks. The therapist then applies an ozone steamer to your head which, while it sounds a little scary, is a really relaxing process. This part of the treatment helps to cleanse the scalp by gently removing dead cells and filtering out chemical residue such as hair spray from your hair.

Next up is a deep cleansing treatment, followed by Anion Shampoo Bubbling. While you won’t feel much more of a sensation than having a normal shampoo treatment, the bubbles in the treatment cause micro vibrations which help release scalp tension and enhance blood flow.

The next stage is a cutting edge therapy called mesotherapy, a non-invasive, painless technique in which superficial microinjections containing minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids and co-enzymes are delivered to the scalp. It’s one of the most progressive techniques to combat hair loss and, even if you’re not in any danger of balding, helps to boost hair growth. To finish up, 30 minutes of laser LED therapy sanitizes the scalp while you take a nap. This is followed by a cold wrap, a nourishing conditioning treatment and a tonic to strengthen the hair.

Despite any skepticism you may have about a hair detox, your limp locks will become bouncy, softer than baby’s hair, super smooth and smelling divine. It is impossible to walk out of Dermaster without swishing them around a bit and catching passerby’s attentions. After all; if you’ve got it, flaunt it.