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Are you facing these problems?

Face look older more than age
The face is not bright, have wrinkles
Skin looks weak
Injured and slowly recover
All can be remedied and adjusted easily by choosing “PRP”


PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Blood structure consists of Plasma (blood) and a constituent of cells such as erythrocyte, leucocyte and platelet PRP derive from centrifuge blood to get platelet that is intensive more than general blood 3-4 times and PRP consists of several substances such as Growth Factor. This substance shall improve cells and act efficiently like as being the teenager moreover, it will miraculously revitalize and restore the body. And will stimulate the production of collagen and many more.

Why should you choose PRP at Dermaster?

Dermaster uses C.Enhancer that extracted from the placenta of injection with PRP cause get the highest efficiency. There are experienced medicals team and nurses of PRP preparation and standard equipment to get high-quality of PRP. The little loosen cells from preparation causes to get the efficient cells for repairing and supporting the body. If the preparation procedure is not standardized and there is no quality, the quality of the injected cells will be without quality. In addition, the clinic has prepared standard rooms to ensure the highest results in PRD injection.


The superiority of Dermaster for PRP injection

  • Use C.Enhancer that imported from Japan
  • Equipment for preparation got the International standard, the highest of maintaining C.Enhancer quality.
  • Experienced medical of Advance Technique injection

Result & Duration

Face look younger, bright, face retard senility, wrinkle are better, fast repair body and wound, healthy hair, hard fall out, take approximately 20 minutes only, After the injection is able to go anywhere as normal, no side effect, no irritation, shall provide the full results of PRP after injection in 2-3 weeks and continuous results for 1 year. Recommend continuous injection every 1 year to help slow down aging and deterioration of the body.


Effect : 2-3 weeks


How long : 80 Minutes


How often : 1 Month


Down time : No recuperate

What Our Customers Said

Lin – Matchana Suwanmas
Lin – Matchana Suwanmas

Coolsculpting Is an aid for people who want to burn excess but have a little time like Lin

Pinkgy – Sawika Chaiyadej
Pinkgy – Sawika Chaiyadej

Pinkgy trusts Demaster to take care of both external and internal skin health.

DISCLAIMER: There’s no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary (ผลลัพธ์อาจแตกต่างกันไปในแต่ละบุคคล)

How to start

We have certified doctors and physicists who are available at all time to deliver on-demand diagnoses and other beauty related services.
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Applicants can submit all health-related documents at our reception desk.
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We will conduct a thorough examination of client's health condition.
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Based on the checkup results, we'll give consultation on the needed action.
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Treatment Scheming
Patients will be provided with a detailed treatment scheme.

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