Dermaster Aesthetic Clinic in Bangkok Focuses on Relaxed Ambience, Superb Services

Aesthetic centers worldwide offer all sorts of age-defying, health-promoting facial treatments, and on a recent visit to one such facility in Thailand I received a sampling. It was a procedure called Aura Bright, a four-step process that applies moisture, vitamins, and nutrients to cleanse and brighten your complexion.

And it was excellent – gentle, relaxing, refreshing – especially considering it was delivered over 90 minutes in a place not usually associated with excellent experiences.

Wherein lies an important point: I wasn’t a patient in a run-of-the-mill dermatology clinic, I was a guest of Dermaster, a “Personalized Beauty Institute” where aesthetic enhancements are delivered with expert medical precision and artistic ability. And, I might add, where the Aura Bright leaves your face looking radiant.

In addition to my trial treatment, I spoke with Ms. Aporn Pornpiriyakulchai, Communications Director of this modernized facility in the upscale Ekkamai area of Bangkok. She also gave me a tour of the premises, during which I got the distinct feeling that Dermaster might be different from their competition.


So I asked how it is they’ve tried to separate themselves from other leading aesthetic clinics in Bangkok, and Ms. Pornpiriyakulchai had this to say:

“Actually we consider Dermaster to be a boutique hospital because our business scale is bigger than normal clinics in Bangkok. We have 5 categories of treatment – cosmetic surgery, dermatology, slimming & body, hair transplantation, and anti-aging.”

Which means they provide just about everything you could desire in terms of aesthetic improvements. But their website also lays claim to being the “premier” wellness & aesthetic institute and “premier” beauty institute in Bangkok, so what makes them feel they’re the best?

“It’s ambience & superb services.”

And I can certainly attest to that. The atmosphere inside Dermaster is reminiscent of high-end spas I’ve visited, and the service is the typically attentive, cheerful, and polite doting that medical tourists encounter in Thailand.

Yet, being relatively new compared to other popular aesthetic clinics in town, they must to have needed an angle to break into this competitive market. Dermatology in Bangkok is akin to cardiology in India or orthopedic procedures in Belgium in that it has developed a reputation for excellence.

“As I mentioned, we feel we’re not just a normal clinic,” said Ms. Pornpiriyakulchai. “We’re a boutique hospital with a strong team of medical doctors who treat 60% local patients and 40% foreign patients, with our main target being ones from China. We treat luxury patients from there regularly, and besides that we treat lots of patients from the Middle East.”


Speaking of luxury, Dermaster has an exclusive VIP area with a separate entrance, and the emphasis on “boutique” makes even more sense given the amount of patients they treat, which according to Ms. Pornpiriyakulchai numbers around 15-20 per day.

That should give you an idea of just how personalized the service really is, so which of Dermaster’s abundance of beauty-enhancing treatments do their loyal customers receive most?

“Actually most are in the areas of cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation, and anti-aging. Then body shaping and of course traditional skin treatments.” She added, “Specifically cosmetic surgeries like body skin tightening and face lifts.”

It turns out they do the trendy Vampire Facelift (or Self Re-Boost Lift), plus special anti-aging facial care via anti-oxidant skin rejuvenation and advanced stem cell treatments like live cell therapy, which produce healthier looking skin, improved complexion, and brighter skin tone.

These treatments and all of Dermaster’s other revitalizing offerings are delivered by 4 dermatologists, 4 additional physicians, 6 nurses, and 10 beauty therapists; in addition, you’ll be catered to by English-speaking staff, and patients speaking Chinese and Arabic will feel right at home, too.


In fact, Ms. Pornpiriyakulchai told me that in the near future Dermaster has plans to continue growing the clinic by expanding both their Chinese and Middle East markets and opening a second branch in Bangkok not far from their current downtown location.

When it was time to leave I put Ms. Pornpiriyakulchai on the spot, asking her to sum up Dermaster in a nice tidy phrase. She said it was difficult because there’s so much to consider.

When I then told her it felt like I’d spent an afternoon in a tastefully appointed, state-of-the-art doctor’s office and relaxing wellness spa at the same time, she replied succinctly:

“That’s because we strive for a combination of modern medical technology and spa-style pampering.”

Which I think works nicely as a summation of what Dermaster’s all about.