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As we grow older, our natural stem cells gradually and inevitably diminish, along with the ability to reproduce new replacement cells throughout the body. At the epidermal level, skin becomes thinner, more sensitive to irritation, and more prone to wrinkles, freckles and age spots.
Stem cell therapy reintroduces living, high quality stem cells into the body. This breakthrough is clinically proven to successfully rejuvenate existing cells for more efficient productivity and self-propagation. The aesthetics field, in particular, has successfully applied the use of stem cells in anti-ageing treatment procedures to turn back the hands of time with exemplary results. At a fundamental level, live stem cell therapy assists the replacement of old cells with the reproduction of healthy new cells. Using new stems cells recharges the ability to repair older cells within the body or on a recipient area such as on the face and skin.
The result is healthier looking skin, an improved complexion and brighter skin tone.
Stem cells, found in all multicellular organisms, can divide through mitosis, differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and self renew to produce more stem cells. In mammals, there are two broad types of stem cells:

  1. Embryonic stem cells, derived from the inner cell mass of a fertilized embryo, which are harvested from a donor mother. These undifferentiated cells have the ability to propagate as every organ and cell type in the human body.
  2. Adult stem cells, also known as somatic stem cells, can be found in juvenile as well as adult animals and human bodies. In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing adult tissues. These are undifferentiated cells, found throughout the body after development, that multiply by cell division to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues. Unlike embryonic stem cells, the use of adult stem cells in research and therapy is not considered as controversial, as they are abtained from adult tissue samples, such as bone marrow, placenta, teeth, fat tissue, etc, rather than human embryos.
    Stem cell therapy typically slows and reverses the visible signs of ageing, revives skin cells, lessening fine lines and wrinkles, returns natural moisture to skin and brings
    Back resilience and firmness. In some cases, blemishes and freckles become less visible. Treatment takes 30 minutes, with a recovery time of between one and three days and follow-ups are recommended every six months to one year. Visible results come within two to three months of treatment.

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