Dual Yellow Laser is the latest innovation in facial skin care and combines two lasers. It helps reduce wrinkles, freckles and scars and also improve skin tones.

Heading Dual Yellow uses two types of laser

The first one uses a yellow laser light at a 578 nm wave length. It is able to treat broken capillaries and lighten the redness without damaging the surface of the skin, so there are no bruises after treatment like with a traditional laser.

The second one uses a green laser light at a 511 nm Wavelength, which effects the pigments of the epidermis without damaging the dermis. This results in bright and white facial skin with reduced capillaries, which is better than the IPL treatment. You can see the results after the first treatment. However, if you perform both lasers together it produces enough energy to eliminate many kinds of cyst.

Finally, thanks to the combination of Fast Edge Micropulse technology, it helps stimulate the generation of collagen, prevents and treats wrinkles and marks, such as, red moles, red birthmarks, capillaries, outgrowths molds, tumors under the eyes, dark spots and blemishes effectively for all skin types.

The Dual Yellow laser procedure only takes a short period of time. Patients won’t feel any pain during the treatment, and the result can be seen quickly. It is very safe and a local aesthetics is not required. During the treatment, patients will feel like they are being pricked gently with a small needle. The face may become a little reddened and feel warm after treatment. However, this redness will disappear afterwards. These beauty techniques develop dramatically, so you don’t have to worry about dark spots, acne spots, and wrinkles anymore.

What can Dual Yellow treat ?

  • wrinkles, especially frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, under eye wrinkles, laughter lines
  • redness and capillaries, such as, acne scars, red moles, res birthmarks, capillaries
  • freckles, blemishes, any black scars
  • outgrowth, molds, tumors under the eyes, warts
  • Stretch marks on stomach
  • surgical scars, accident scars
  • uneven skin tones


Dual Yellow is a high specific laser. The laser light will treat only the targeted areas and will not affect surrounding skin. Thus, the side effects are minimal, such as, injuries, bruises, and changed skin tone. Dual Yellow can safely treat all skin types.