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Are you facing these problems?

Suffering from infectious disease
Asthma, migraines and allergic rhinitis
Chronic skin rash
Depression and anxiety
Problem in the thyroid gland
Muscle weakness
Lack of nutrients and latent food allergies
All can be remedied and adjusted easily by choosing “Myers’ Cocktail”


Myers ’Cocktail is a liquid solution that contains vitamins B, C, minerals and various antioxidants by giving through the vein at a time of 40 – 45 minutes. It is accepted in alternative medicine as a highly effective, safe, no side effects report. Can use up to 2-3 times a week.
• Guillian-Barre Syndrome
• Depression & Anxiety disorder (Panic disorder)
• Stress-induced diseases

Ingredients and Formula:

This powerful antioxidant helps boost the immune system and protect against damage from free radicals.

This mineral is important for muscle and nerve function, heart health, and bone strength.

This group of vitamins plays an important role in energy production, brain function, and cardiovascular health.

This mineral is essential for strong bones and teeth, and is also important for muscle and nerve function.

This vitamin is essential for brain function and the production of red blood cells.

This vitamin helps regulate hormones and brain function, and is also important for heart health.

Why should you choose Myers ’Cocktail at Dermaster?

Dermaster has a medical specialist to execute this method. The vitamins that we use are vitamins imported from abroad, 100% safe. It does not cause allergic reactions after giving vitamins.


Result & Duration

Benefits from Myers ’Cocktail
• Helps to reduce fatigue, weakness (Chronic fatigue), body aches
• Improves blood circulation throughout the body
• Stimulates the immune system, allergy relief, especially rash
• allergic to the skin, respiratory system and also helps reduce asthma cough
• Helps to immediately respond to the need to use muscle energy in the work for those who want fast and intense energy, such as athletes during the competition.
• Relieve migraine, insomnia, and have never encountered dangerous side effects.

Effect : 3-5 Days


How long : 40-45 Minutes


How often : 2 – 3 week


Down time : No recuperate

Frequently Asked Question

01. What is Myer's Cocktails IV Drip?
Myer's Cocktails is a combination of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are injected into the body to help improve overall health and well-being. It was developed by John Myers, a physician in Maryland, in the 1970s. The cocktail is typically made up of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. It is believed to help boost energy levels, reduce inflammation, and improve mood.
02. What are the benefits of Myer's Cocktails IV Drip?
Myer's Cocktails can help improve overall health and well-being by boosting energy levels, reducing inflammation, and improving mood. It can also help with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, asthma, allergies, and migraines.
03. What are the side effects of Myer's Cocktails IV Drip?
The most common side effects of Myer's Cocktails are mild nausea and headache. Other potential side effects include dizziness, fatigue, muscle cramps, and temporary flushing of the skin.
04. Who can benefit from Myer's Cocktail IV Drip?
Myer's Cocktail IV Drip can benefit individuals of all ages and health backgrounds. Whether you are looking to improve your immune system, increase energy levels, or address specific health concerns, this treatment may be right for you.
05. Who should not take Myer's Cocktails IV Drip?
Myer's Cocktails should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women or people with kidney disease or liver disease. People taking certain medications should also avoid taking Myer's Cocktails as it may interact with certain drugs.
06. How often should I take Myer's Cocktails IV Drip?
The frequency of taking Myer's Cocktails depends on your individual needs and health condition. Generally speaking, it is recommended to take it once a week for 4-6 weeks for best results.
07. How long does it take for Myer's Cocktails IV Drip to work?
The effects of Myer's Cocktails can vary from person to person but generally speaking it can take up to a few weeks for the full benefits to be felt.
08. Is there any research on the effectiveness of Myer's Cocktails IV Drip?
Yes! There have been several studies done on the effectiveness of Myer's Cocktails which have found that it can be beneficial in treating chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety
09. What is the preparation process for Myer's Cocktails IV Drip?
Before receiving Myer's Cocktail IV Drip, it is important to discuss any current medications or health conditions with your healthcare provider. You may also be asked to fast for a certain amount of time before your treatment to ensure the best possible results.
10. Can I return to normal activities after receiving Myer's Cocktails IV Drip?
Yes, you can typically return to normal activities after receiving Myer's Cocktail IV Drip. However, your healthcare provider may advise you to avoid certain activities, such as intense exercise or alcohol consumption, for a certain period of time.

What Our Customers Said

Lin – Matchana Suwanmas
Lin – Matchana Suwanmas

Coolsculpting Is an aid for people who want to burn excess but have a little time like Lin

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Pinkgy – Sawika Chaiyadej
Pinkgy – Sawika Chaiyadej

Pinkgy trusts Demaster to take care of both external and internal skin health.

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DISCLAIMER: There’s no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary (ผลลัพธ์อาจแตกต่างกันไปในแต่ละบุคคล)

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We have certified doctors and physicists who are available at all time to deliver on-demand diagnoses and other beauty related services.
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We will conduct a thorough examination of client's health condition.
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Based on the checkup results, we'll give consultation on the needed action.
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Patients will be provided with a detailed treatment scheme.
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