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Are you facing these problems?

Toxins from accumulated chemicals from hair colouring, manicure and inhaled pollutants
Chemicals that are mixed beverages and those who are smokers and second hand smokers
High blood pressure because the blood vessels are constricted
Heavy metal (Amalgam) used in dental fillings
When you are aware that pesticides are used in a certain plant
Eating raw food that are contaminated with heavy metals
Impaired blood circulation characterised by dizziness, headaches and weakness
All can be remedied and adjusted easily by choosing “Chelation Therapy”


CHELATION is an amino acid compound called EDTA, mixed with many important vitamins and minerals. EDTA is important in capturing heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic or even excess calcium. Accumulates in the tissue and the mask located in the artery wall causing harm to cell walls and blood vessel walls. It helps to reduce the adhesion of cholesterol to the artery wall. helps to treat inflammation of blood vessels, making the blood vessels flexible, expanding and improved blood circulation. It reduces the symptoms of myocardial infarction to nourish. Making health completely healthy and refreshing.
For people with coronary heart disease and stiffness, can avoid bypass surgery (Bypass) up to 80%. It also helps to reduce the number of free radicals in the body. Heavy metals are removed from the body via the urinary system.

Why should you choose BOTOX at Dermaster?

Dermaster has a specialist in Chelation Therapy. We have advanced procedures and quality tools.
Benefits from CHELATION
Eliminate toxins in the body and vascular system
• Reduce the risk of cancer
• Improves blood circulation
• Reduce the risk of clogged arteries and narrowing both in the brain and heart. Reduce blood fat levels which are the main cause of hypertension and heart disease.
• Prevent various degenerative diseases Caused by a bad circulation system.
• Relieve high blood pressure and diseases caused by the circulatory system, diabetes, heavy metal poisoning, chronic headache.
• Reduce inflammation of the skin.
Alleviate Alzheimer’s symptoms Helps clear the brain and have better memory

Result & Duration

Things to know when you want to do CHELATION
Should check the body to assess the problem. Especially Kidney function examination (Creatinine, GFR). Before entering the service, should rest enough. Drink more water. Suggest drinking fruit juice because the blood sugar levels can be reduced during the course of the process. Eating food that is useful.
If you want to do CHELATION How to start? …
At Dermaster, there is a therapy program, that cannot start easily, according to the following steps …
1. Live blood analysis – Doctors will examine the integrity of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, environmental (heavy metals) in the bloodstream and defects of the small intestine.
2. Urine examination – Determine the number of heavy metals in the body such as arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium or nickel.
3. Inspect the heavy metals in the tissue – If the urine is found not to exceed the normal value, recommend doing testing for chilling whether there is a heavy metal content in the tissue again. The test results will be given out in two characteristics.
Side effects from CHELATION
In the early stages, some of you may have fatigue. Due to the detoxification process from the body The symptoms can be solved by adequate rest. Drink fruit juices and eat vitamins, minerals as needed by the body.
Practice when receiving therapy services
• Before doing, go to see a doctor and check the level of kidney function.
• During the body to eliminate toxins and reduce heavy metal accumulation Kidney will work more Should drink more clean water.
• Should take vitamins and various minerals in the form of supplementary food from daily food, because there may be some mineral loss during the chilling process.
Instructions for practice after doing therapy.
• should drink about 2 liters of water per day for 3 days after treatment with chelating therapy to help carry more toxins excreted in the urine
• Night sleep enough for about 6-8 hours, because after chilling, there may be fatigue, which is the result of toxins from the body.
• After the treatment of therapy, can take medications that are eaten and should eat various vitamins and minerals as the doctor provided
• There may be a headache Dizziness which is a side effect that can found with fewer patients. Should eat useful food or drink replacement juice which the symptoms will abate and disappear. If symptoms do not improve, consult a doctor.
• Avoid smoking or alcoholic beverages. Avoid eating foods that contain food colouring ingredients, seafood with contaminated lead etc.
Treatment Therapy How often should I do it?
In each person, the number of times is not equal, depending on individual problems and the results after the chelations treatment. Generally, the cases of people with coronary artery disease problems may have to be treated with chelating therapy for about 20 times.

Group supplements that are recommended to be eaten during the CHELATION program

  • • Eat supplements in the form of vitamins such as multivitamins.
    • Eat important minerals such as Zinc, Selenium for replacement of potentially lost parts during the program.

Effect : 5-10 times


How long : 90-120 Minutes


How often : Once a week


Down time : No recuperate

What Our Customers Said

Lin – Matchana Suwanmas
Lin – Matchana Suwanmas

Coolsculpting Is an aid for people who want to burn excess but have a little time like Lin

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Pinkgy – Sawika Chaiyadej
Pinkgy – Sawika Chaiyadej

Pinkgy trusts Demaster to take care of both external and internal skin health.

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DISCLAIMER: There’s no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary (ผลลัพธ์อาจแตกต่างกันไปในแต่ละบุคคล)

How to start

We have certified doctors and physicists who are available at all time to deliver on-demand diagnoses and other beauty related services.
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Applicants can submit all health-related documents at our reception desk.
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We will conduct a thorough examination of client's health condition.
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Based on the checkup results, we'll give consultation on the needed action.
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Treatment Scheming
Patients will be provided with a detailed treatment scheme.
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